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Scenarios tagged: drag

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play OnTheDot
plays 15226 / votes 26


by Herman, 2009/8/12

Cover the red disk with the green disks.

play Waves
plays 6697 / votes 1


by jakob, 2011/3/29

Make cool looking, totally useless shapes out of waves.

play GQActor Superclass Demo
plays 2998 / votes 1

GQActor Superclass Demo

by danpost, 2015/1/8

This demo shows the use of my GQActor superclass at work. It is for smooth moving AND gravity bounding.

play Shepherd
plays 1018 / votes 1


by Quatters, 2020/6/18

Try yourself as shepherd!

play Recycling Sudoku
plays 3753 / votes 0

Recycling Sudoku

by ryanmr, 2009/12/4

A game of sudoku with recycling numbers

play Drag
plays 2900 / votes 0


by danBuonocore, 2012/1/3

Drag the objects to the appropiate side

play DragObjectDemo
plays 360 / votes 0


by s1ice, 2022/5/17

Simple way to drag an object on the screen

play Resizable World
plays 387 / votes 0

Resizable World

by RcCookie, 2022/6/4

Change the world size