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Scenarios tagged: crab

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play GrowingCrab
plays 2750 / votes 0


by indrawaspada, 2011/12/12

Growing Crab like to eat Lobster

play 2 Player crab game with portal
plays 1721 / votes 0

2 Player crab game with portal

by guillembonet, 2012/9/16

This is a test

play my first crab project
plays 1652 / votes 0

my first crab project

by MonteCristo, 2012/6/11

steer your crab and eat worms before they eat you!

play Colin's Crabs
plays 1783 / votes 0

Colin's Crabs

by COLINK11718, 2012/3/5


play Survival of the Crab
plays 781 / votes 0

Survival of the Crab

by MagnusDominus, 2021/8/10

Eat all the worms before the lobsters get you.

play 2 Player crab game
plays 3635 / votes 0

2 Player crab game

by guillembonet, 2012/9/16

2 Player example crab game

play Crabby:Wormchase
plays 1923 / votes 0


by keazon, 2011/11/12

play crab final.
plays 1605 / votes 0

crab final.

by bizley92, 2012/5/4

play Crab Game
plays 2172 / votes 0

Crab Game

by bella.wesley, 2011/11/2

Move crab with arrow keys. Eat all worms before you get eaten by a lobster.