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Scenarios tagged: codepoint-09-school-16+

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play CO2 Polution
plays 3754 / votes 2

CO2 Polution

by Jannes, 2009/12/6

CodePoint 2009 Game

play Water Works
plays 19582 / votes 42

Water Works

by Builderboy2005, 2009/11/26

Fixed highlight bug

play ToxicWater
plays 2129 / votes 0


by MayraMonreal, 2009/12/4

close faucets and save villagers

play WildlifeRescue
plays 2535 / votes 0


by Diego, 2009/12/4

find the keys and save the Pandas

play Superbear
plays 1714 / votes 0


by uriamaya, 2009/12/4

kill the poachers

play Recycling Sudoku
plays 3676 / votes 0

Recycling Sudoku

by ryanmr, 2009/12/4

A game of sudoku with recycling numbers

play Mision
plays 3326 / votes 0


by hanlest, 2009/12/3

Salva tu planeta

play Glacier Defence
plays 3216 / votes 1

Glacier Defence

by Drumlind11, 2009/12/2

A nice little tower-defence game about the melting polar ice caps. In english!

play Tank51
plays 2842 / votes 1


by triguna, 2009/12/2

stop the war reduce global warming