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Scenarios tagged: classic

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play Space Invaders
plays 1410 / votes 0

Space Invaders

by ozitosen, 2014/11/21

play Hunter vs Animals (Beta)
plays 2009 / votes 0

Hunter vs Animals (Beta)

by rezamhs, 2014/11/17

play Blockem
plays 3186 / votes 1


by dan11, 2014/5/18

A two player strategy/skill game

play Cage Invaders
plays 1807 / votes 0

Cage Invaders

by azerouz, 2014/6/16

play Sea Snake
plays 5195 / votes 2

Sea Snake

by dan11, 2014/4/19

A 360 degree, mouse-controlled take on the classic game: Snake

play TicTac
plays 1503 / votes 0


by yipsip, 2014/3/13

just an ordinary tictac game

play 推木桶
plays 1630 / votes 0


by yedefei, 2014/1/10

play A Pacman Game
plays 3534 / votes 0

A Pacman Game

by AMac1331, 2014/1/7

Based off of Doodle Pacman by ChrisS

play Kung Fu Master Remix
plays 2919 / votes 3

Kung Fu Master Remix

by base, 2013/12/16

A remake ot the c64 classic, Kung Fu Master