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Scenarios tagged: class

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play Text Centering (Label class)
plays 3868 / votes 0

Text Centering (Label class)

by Zamoht, 2013/7/15

A class for working with text centering.

play Highscores
plays 3553 / votes 5


by Busch2207, 2013/5/17

Two different highscores, which can be implement in own games!

play Access-ClassProject
plays 1633 / votes 0


by TheKidChameleon, 2012/12/5


play Easy Game Creation
plays 22780 / votes 9

Easy Game Creation

by Game/maniac, 2012/11/15

A Support Class which lets you make a game easily

play InterfaceClassLoader
plays 2388 / votes 1


by kiarocks, 2012/8/30

Loads classes that implement an interface

play EscapeAway
plays 2513 / votes 0


by mjoraid, 2012/1/24

Casual, terminal simple and easy game

play Unit3-Task2
plays 2703 / votes 0


by JackieM, 2011/7/27

Java Game Class Assignment

play U2A2 - Frog World
plays 2103 / votes 0

U2A2 - Frog World

by aabb110, 2011/3/24

Help the frog feed its stomach...without feeding the snakes!

play rocket vs robots(IN SPACE)
plays 2293 / votes 0

rocket vs robots(IN SPACE)

by Leyvonne, 2011/3/4