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Scenarios tagged: chess

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play ChessWorld
plays 11838 / votes 10


by danpost, 2011/5/7

Learn and Play Chess or Kapture-Chess (an interesting variation).

play Chess
plays 8537 / votes 0


by Drumlind11, 2010/1/13


play Bad Chess
plays 728 / votes 0

Bad Chess

by heskpar, 2021/12/4

Winner takes all

play Chess
plays 1519 / votes 2


by pavolbiacko2002, 2020/5/24

Chess Game for 2 Players (Local)

play 中国象棋(Remixed)
plays 3999 / votes 3


by yedefei, 2014/4/18

中国象棋新玩法(new China chess game)

play Chess Board
plays 1115 / votes 0

Chess Board

by Wehdkev, 2021/1/12

Board to play chess with two players, only simple moves implemented

play Chinese Chess 象棋
plays 5201 / votes 6

Chinese Chess 象棋

by imacat, 2013/3/17

A practice to implement rules of Chinese Chess. 練習象棋規則的實作撰寫。

play PiratesChess
plays 6213 / votes 5


by Segara, 2011/6/2

Play hard-level :P

play Chess Board Tile Pattern
plays 1566 / votes 0

Chess Board Tile Pattern

by data17, 2019/2/3

Draw Chess Board Tile Pattern Demo