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Scenarios tagged: arrows

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play SpaceFighter
plays 1097 / votes 0


by 11606853, 2021/6/21

play MINER GAME 1.0
plays 3033 / votes 0


by drhorriblejr, 2012/1/10

Play as a little miner and travel thru the under ground!

play Lizard run
plays 4053 / votes 0

Lizard run

by lizard1, 2012/3/28

escape the eagles and eat the flies

play little crab
plays 2066 / votes 0

little crab

by ShaunThompson12, 2015/2/5

simple game- move the crab

play Volley
plays 2018 / votes 0


by Tri-Star, 2015/5/27

Dodge the falling hazards!

play Zelda
plays 2448 / votes 0


by Osidy2, 2016/3/23

A neat zelda based game.

play Hacker in Wonderscreen
plays 1727 / votes 0

Hacker in Wonderscreen

by Malentium, 2018/6/29

A platformer about Prince Hacker and Princess Compiler

play Flappy Bird | Doctor Who
plays 1439 / votes 0

Flappy Bird | Doctor Who

by Lukeacarroll, 2019/6/16

This is a twist on the well known Flappy bird and has a playlist of 8 bit songs. full marks

play aMAZE
plays 5193 / votes 16


by RcCookie, 2020/8/27

Randomly generated mazes that are actually possible!