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Scenarios tagged: a-life

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play 1D Cellular Automata Simulator
plays 9747 / votes 3

1D Cellular Automata Simulator

by RevDrBrown, 2010/3/28

Can display all 256 1D cellular automata.

play Langton Loops
plays 9771 / votes 1

Langton Loops

by RevDrBrown, 2010/4/14

Demonstrates the Langton Loop - a self-reproducing cellular automata.

play Langton's Ant
plays 4516 / votes 0

Langton's Ant

by RevDrBrown, 2010/3/27

50x50 cell implementation of Langton's Ant.

play Fibonacci Ant
plays 5960 / votes 0

Fibonacci Ant

by RevDrBrown, 2010/3/28

Cellular automata simulation of ants that move according to the Fibonacci sequence, flipping cell states as they move.