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Scenarios can be grouped together into 'collections', This might be for scenarios that a particular user likes, for scenarios made by a class or group, for running a competition - or for any other reason you can think of.

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view Reusable classes
votes 1

Reusable classes

by RcCookie, 2021/5/2

This scenario contains all kinds of classes and packages tha...

view School Project Games
votes 0

School Project Games

by AnJoMorto, 2021/3/21

Just Games I made for school projects

view Online highscore games
votes 2

Online highscore games

by RcCookie, 2021/2/3

Al list of some cool games with an online ranking system. Tr...

view GyRa Hamburg
votes 1

GyRa Hamburg

by owagner, 2021/1/20

Projekte des GyRa - aus dem Unterricht entstanden

view Puzzles by danpost
votes 4

Puzzles by danpost

by danpost, 2021/1/16

A collection of puzzle-type scenarios I have accumulated on...

view DS Lissabon
votes 5

DS Lissabon

by owagner, 2021/1/1

This is the collection of all scenarios created by students...

view iuresti
votes 0


by iuresti, 2020/12/29

Proyectos de prueba para mis clases de objetos

view Quiz Shot Game Demo
votes 1

Quiz Shot Game Demo

by MortAries18, 2020/12/11

Kelompok 6 (Panca Tech)

view Fractals & Patterns by danpost
votes 2

Fractals & Patterns by danpost

by danpost, 2020/10/22

A collection of scenarios I have created that produce fracta...

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