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Scenarios can be grouped together into 'collections', This might be for scenarios that a particular user likes, for scenarios made by a class or group, for running a competition - or for any other reason you can think of.

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view W-Sem
votes 6


by felixhz, 2021/12/1

view Space
votes 6


by spaceblue, 2010/11/4

A collection for space-themed scenarios.

view Minecraft-like Games
votes 6

Minecraft-like Games

by JetLennit, 2014/9/23

Games that are like minecraft.

view Goethe-Gymnasium, Hamburg
votes 6

Goethe-Gymnasium, Hamburg

by owagner, 2015/6/2

This collects all scenarios created by students during class...

view INF303
votes 6


by ralf, 2011/4/3

Collection for the CS course "Introduction to Object Oriente...

view Los Colores
votes 5

Los Colores

by Herman, 2009/7/25

Punto y haga clic. Point and click.

view Tools
votes 5


by Kartoffelbrot, 2013/12/2

Some useful things for programming and calculating.

view Informatik Kurs 2011
votes 5

Informatik Kurs 2011

by buerk, 2013/6/23

Hier findet ihr Szenarios, die im Informatik-Kurs der Jahrga...

view Oranim College - 2011-2012
votes 5

Oranim College - 2011-2012

by OfirS, 2012/6/7

Works of gifted students learning games design and programmi...

view Fresh Programming Games
votes 5

Fresh Programming Games

by MathManiac, 2012/8/25

This is the place where most/all of the official Fresh Progr...

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